Canadian Tuxedo ft. Side Boob


You see this fit right here? This is a fit that I have been wanting to rock for a STRONG minute now. But I still cannot because it is still freaking cold outside in blah blah Ohio. I picked this outfit for my first post because I want ya’ll to understand my love for denim.  Denim on denim, or as it is sometimes called a Canadian tuxedo,  is my literal go to outfit for whenever I am doing something cool not on Wooster campus. But… let us all get into this beautiful olive bodysuit hunny! This ain’t no regular smegular bodysuit. If you do not like side boob it is not for you! This bodysuit is so essential to me for two reasons. First, I am a short bitch, and a lot of people call short people “cute” or “adorable” and I do not have time for that. Second, this bodysuit is sexy, so add me into the equation and I equal sexy.  That is all I want in life right now, and to get good grades.

Jeans: Gap Bodysuit: Zara Denim Jacket: Thrift Store (Park Ave thrift) Heels: Target

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  1. I love this outfit, especially the shoes and I can totally relate to having something you really want to wear but not being able to because of Ohio weather!! I also really love the picture you took for this blog post! Great job!

  2. I love the denim jacket paired with the denim jeans! For some reason, I am really into this fashion trend. Also, I love how paired different shades of the same color in your shoes and shirt. The only thing that would make this outfit better is something that screamed “Josie” because (after having many classes with you) I have come to know somewhat of you personality and I think incorporating that somewhere (even if its jewelry) would be beneficial. But otherwise, good choice for an outfit!

  3. I relate to the cute/adorable comment. Do you have any other outfits that you usually wear when you’re trying to get out of that feeling?

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