bye bye jr year

This is the end of jr year! and shit I am so ready for it to be over. Prolly the most stressful school year ever. But I conquered it … kind of. Anyways here is my stress outfit. Leggings and a decent top will get you through a lot. I pray you all have a great exam week! ya’ll were the greatest classmates ever.

  • Outfit Details:
  • sweater: Old Navy
  • Leggings: Kmart (lol!!)
  • Slide Ins : vans

2 Replies to “bye bye jr year”

  1. I love this relaxed, but cute outfit! The striped shirt is unique in that its kneckline overcut, which allows for the ability to dress it up or down. While Kmart is seen as a less expensive place to get clothes and expected to be lower quality, I am impressed by how good they look! It is not too tight and looks pretty thin from the picture. However, (if your top has black stripes) it may be better to wear pants/shorts that compliment black better (such as black leggings)? But you do a good job at making gray and black work so it was just a suggestion. I also love those shoes! They look comfirtable and easy to walk in! I also love the glasses!

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