rue 21 ?!?!

So, no one told me Rue21 is lowkey a go again! I went there just to look around and laugh at the clothes. I was instantly humbled! They have some good stuff ! I got this Whitney Houston graphic tee and these black jeggings all for $32! I received a lot of compliments on this little put together too! So I tell you all this. If you want some simple pieces to help with a casual outfit Rue21 has them and will not make you spend up all you work money!

  • Outfit Details:
  • Tee and Jeggings: Rue21
  • Bomber and Glasses: Urban Outfitters
  • Booties: Public Desire

10 Replies to “rue 21 ?!?!”

  1. I don’t know if it’s you, the outfit, or both but you look so confident! That’s a really sleek look, and I agree Rue 21 has great stuff sometimes with prices that won’t break my poor college bank!

    1. gril don’t they! I wonder where I got the thought that they were awful or something? I have probably missed out on really cute things!

  2. You are rocking this. The glasses are my favorite part but I think everything together makes you look bad-ass (as Maira said)

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