bye bye jr year

This is the end of jr year! and shit I am so ready for it to be over. Prolly the most stressful school year ever. But I conquered it … kind of. Anyways here is my stress outfit. Leggings and a decent top will get you through a lot. I pray you all have a great exam week! ya’ll were the greatest classmates ever.

  • Outfit Details:
  • sweater: Old Navy
  • Leggings: Kmart (lol!!)
  • Slide Ins : vans

Goodwill !

Went to goodwill last Friday! I love shopping there … once I got passed the smell. But yes, I got this dress, which is forever 21 ! And I got it for $3. However, the only reason that I got it for that cheap was because this senior citizen lady let me use her old people discount! See that is why you speak to everyone. Never know what good could happen. Yeah so the dress, she’s cute, she’s cute. It is nice to have so I can have something to throw on and look somewhat put together.

  • Outfit Details:
  • Dress: Goodwill
  • Fake Burkies: Khol’s
  • Glasses & Denim jacket: Urban Outfitters

#everythingsfine #dyingontheinside

Ya girl is stressed. There is a lot going on and it is hard to keep with all this school work sometimes. Anyways, I pray all of us will do well on everything we have to turn in soon! On a brighter side I saw hella bees today and it made me so happy. DON’T KILL THE BEES. This is my I don’t like it here outfit.  Which is why I wear it so often. Thank you Linh for taking my pictures!

  • Outfit Details:
  • Fav Adidas Cap: TJ Maxx
  • Leggins: TJ Maxx
  • Tee: My Boyfriend’s Closet
  • Bags (under my eyes): Higher Education

Glitter Bitches!

I love my friends! Even though they get on MY LAST nerve. Those bitches have my heart. Anyways, I beat my face YASSS. All Fenty Beauty (WOOO ! Black Owned Business). It is amazing how the sun can change your whole mood, and skin color.

  • Outfit Details:
  • Denim Jacket: Levis
  • Head Scarf & Shorts : H&M (Ew do not shop there)
  • Reebok trainers: Reebok
  • Bodysuit: American Apparel
  • Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

rue 21 ?!?!

So, no one told me Rue21 is lowkey a go again! I went there just to look around and laugh at the clothes. I was instantly humbled! They have some good stuff ! I got this Whitney Houston graphic tee and these black jeggings all for $32! I received a lot of compliments on this little put together too! So I tell you all this. If you want some simple pieces to help with a casual outfit Rue21 has them and will not make you spend up all you work money!

  • Outfit Details:
  • Tee and Jeggings: Rue21
  • Bomber and Glasses: Urban Outfitters
  • Booties: Public Desire

My Man’s Bday!

Darryl and I at Ruth’s Chris Steak House

So, it was my boyfriends birthday last weekend ! He invited myself and some of his friends to Detroit for the weekend. For one of his birthday gifts I bought him some staple items for his bday fit. Since he was turning 21 i decided to let him have all the shine ya know! So I kept my out fit pretty minimal (but what is new honestly). If yall peak closely you can see my tummy on BULGE! That was the best surf and turf I have ever had in my life!

Outfit Details:

  • Josie:
  • denim jacket and skinny jeans: Levis
  • flats: Old Navy
  • Bodysuit: Forever 21
  • Glasses: Urban Outfitters
  • Darryl:
  • Jacket and Sweater: Zara
  • Jeans: PRP Denim (Black Owned Business)
  • Trainers: Bally


Sweats and Booties!


I went to the Cleveland Art Museum! It was beautiful. But, I wish I would have worn more comfortable shoes. I truly enjoy the aesthetic of  “make it look simple but stylish” and I thought that adidas joggers and heeled boots were the way. I guess I thought wrong because my feet were BARKING! anyways i learned my lesson … put trainers in the purse! but I have on a bodysuit again (ya’ll know my favorite) and my all time favorite bomber jacket ! I decided to rock mostly black because I was super bloated from being a glutton. So, you know fake the snatch if you need too!

Outfit Details :

  • Alpha Flight Bomber Jacket – Urban Outfitters
  • Bodysuit – American Apparel
  • Adidas Joggers – Macy’s
  • Booties – Public desire

Canadian Tuxedo ft. Side Boob


You see this fit right here? This is a fit that I have been wanting to rock for a STRONG minute now. But I still cannot because it is still freaking cold outside in blah blah Ohio. I picked this outfit for my first post because I want ya’ll to understand my love for denim.  Denim on denim, or as it is sometimes called a Canadian tuxedo,  is my literal go to outfit for whenever I am doing something cool not on Wooster campus. But… let us all get into this beautiful olive bodysuit hunny! This ain’t no regular smegular bodysuit. If you do not like side boob it is not for you! This bodysuit is so essential to me for two reasons. First, I am a short bitch, and a lot of people call short people “cute” or “adorable” and I do not have time for that. Second, this bodysuit is sexy, so add me into the equation and I equal sexy.  That is all I want in life right now, and to get good grades.

Jeans: Gap Bodysuit: Zara Denim Jacket: Thrift Store (Park Ave thrift) Heels: Target